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12 reasons to buy a pre owned luxury car from a certified dealership

Luxury cars are today much more than prestige. Premium cars offer the most advanced safety option and best entertainment technology in the market, not to mention some of the plushest interiors and more options for customization. While it's a car lover's aim to own his dream luxury car, there is a huge section of buyers who wisely opt for a used luxury car after weighing the vast advantages that tide over buying a new luxury car.

While going for a second hand luxury car, there has been a rising trend of customers veering away from the traditional middlemen in favour of recognised dealerships for their brand, assurance, warranty, and accountability. In addition, today buyers of second hand luxury vehicles are well-informed and aware of putting their right earned money in the right place where they can drive out with a great pre-owned luxury car without a single hassle. Customers are hence moving towards authorised used car dealers.

Let's look at the advantages of buying a used luxury car from an authorised dealership vis a vis from a middleman or private party.

  • Authorised Used Car Dealerships are great places to browse for and purchase used cars. Buying a used car can be a great value, as long as you make sure you are getting your money's worth. Be sure to use the advantages of Authorised Used Car Dealerships, while at the same time, understand the things you need to watch out for. For example, at Autohangar, the customer can get a virtual tour and check everything online without even having to walk into the showroom.
  • Authorised Used Car Dealerships have vehicles of many different makes, models, years, and colours. The dealers get their cars from a variety of sources and through their means of vehicle acquisition, these dealers can gather many types of vehicles, providing buyers with a wide selection of cars.
  • When buying from an Authorised Used Car Dealership, there may be some room to bargain. Because most used car dealers are not officially sanctioned by any large auto corporation, and the customer may be able to talk-down the asking price or arrange some other types of bargains and agreements.
  • Generally the Authorised Used Car Dealer handles all the paperwork associated with ownership or title transfer and registration for the buyer. It is as smooth as buying a new car, if not smoother.
  • Most Authorised Used Car Dealerships offer good financing options
  • Sometimes, Authorised Used Car Dealerships offer warranties on their used cars. They also have to provide a car history check.
  • Cars from an Authorised Used Luxury Car Dealership have been thoroughly inspected and, if necessary, repaired. Tested with a series of stringent checks, each of the cars on sale goes through rigorous checkpoints for interiors, exteriors, engine efficiency, road performance and under-chassis safety. Thus, every car that rolls out after these tests and checks is corrected and polished to perfection.
  • Authorised Used Car Dealers sell certified pre-owned vehicles*. This means the used car has been through an official series of inspections and possible repairs, and comes with a special warranty.
  • Buying a used luxury car from an Authorised Used Car Dealership offers more legal protection than buying from a private party. For example, because of the stringent laws dealerships must follow, a customer is less likely to run into problems.
  • 1Reputable car dealerships spend many years building relationships with customers. One important thing to think about when buying a used luxury car is that a dealer has a reputation at stake with each sale. An Authorised Used Car Dealership will likely go out of its way to solve problems that arise after the sale, while other sellers will likely avoid them.
  • Authorised Used Car Dealerships ensure a great product quality and have to disclose any concerns. They also help with any questions after the sale. They can help with custom solutions or special equipment needed even many years after the sale.
  • An Authorised Used Luxury Car Dealership can offer additional services like roadside assistance.

*A Certified Pre Owned vehicle is a used car or a pre-owned car which has undergone a series of multi point check-ups or inspection and is also maintained in a trouble free condition. These multi-point check-ups are done thoroughly by a qualified technical person who offers his acknowledgement only after carefully checking even the minutest of details in a used car.

A multi-point check-up generally covers the following sections

  • Driving Test - engine performance, noise and overall ride quality
  • Frame and Chassis - complete frame inspection for repairs, damage done or any abnormality on the chassis
  • Glass, Wiper and mirror check - checks on front and rear windshield, condition of mirrors
  • Exterior lights - headlight, tail light, parking lights, low beam, high beam and so on
  • Engine condition - check on oil level, fluid level, belts hoses and wiring
  • Fuel pump - fuel pump noise, fuel filter, air filter
  • Electrical systems - starter system, ignition, battery condition, charging on running
  • Exhaust - exhaust condition, free flow, under body pipe checks
  • Suspension and transmission check - transmission system condition, universal joints, clutch assembly, suspension system, rods and idler arm, springs condition
  • Interior features – audio system, steering wheel, instrument panel, AC, Heater, interior lights, glove box and other dials and knobs
  • Seats - seat upholstery, headrest and seat movement
  • Interior floor – carpet check, floor mats, door trim panels
  • Boot check – luggage compartment floor, luggage light, spare wheel and other tools
  • Door and window lock – automatic lock, manual lock

Along with the same, a used car is also checked for its paper-work so that the car is free from any theft or past accidental records. If a car successfully undergoes all the above tests and checkups, then only a car can be termed as a certified used car.

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